• Gardening in winter: why it’s a good time to start


      We all know the feeling this time of year.  Walking out the door of a morning to the realization that yes, it is well and truly winter.  Even though your plants aren’t doing much in terms of growth, it does not mean that you as a gardener should hibernate.  Many things can be done […]

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  • Building a more stable connection with the Earth


    Sthira-sukham asanam (Yoga Sutra II.46) The connection to the Earth should be steady and joyful. In this Yoga Sutra, we are told that our connection to the Earth should be steady and joyful. Sthira means steady or stable; sukham means joyful, centred; asana is the seat or connection to the Earth. It is the term […]

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  • Gardening: A few good reasons to start


    Who has the time to garden? Why should I spend time and money on a garden when I have a hundred more important things to do?  Plus “I kill everything I grow,” some of you will say. Well to start, getting your hands dirty and getting out into your garden can be a pleasant activity […]

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  • Compassionate choices make a kinder world


    In the ancient yogic text, the Yoga Sutra, it is written, ‘when you cease to harm others, others will cease to harm you.’ Ahimsa, or non-harming, is the first of five ‘yama’ or guidelines for ethical behaviour outlined in the Yoga Sutra. And yama is the very first limb, of the eight limbs of Yoga, […]

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