About our food:

What is raw food?

Raw foods are free from animal products and haven’t been heated over the temperature at which most enzymes are lost (approximately 40 - 46°C). Raw foods are consumed the way nature intended, without diminishing essential nutrients such as the vitamins, minerals and other proteins that degrade or become destroyed when heated at higher temperatures.

Why eat raw foods?

Increasing the amount of organic, raw food into your lifestyle results in an abundance of health benefits including increased energy, clearer skin, enhanced concentration, productive sleep, better digestion, weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease. Personally, I (Maz Valcorza) noticed that incorporating a high amount of raw foods into my diet resulted in many positive changes, ranging from increased energy levels, to more muscle tone, to improved mood. In this case, the proof really is in the (chia) pudding.

The wonder of enzymes:

Enzymes are comprised of various proteins (which can be thought of as the building blocks of everything in our bodies) and are an essential part of all bodily functions, including all five senses and of course, digestion. Our own body produces some enzymes, however we also get enzymes from the food we eat. This is why eating raw foods is so beneficial. If you eat food with the enzymes still intact your body doesn’t have to use its natural reserves to digest food, which means the body’s own enzymes are freed up to fulfill all the functions they were meant for – repairing and regenerating. Nature has thankfully accounted for our need of digestive enzymes by placing them within each unique food, so if you’re eating broccoli, there are exactly the type of enzymes within its chemistry that allows you to digest it. In the same process, you are absorbing the maximum amount of vital nutrients.

What are you really paying for?

At Sadhana kitchen, we really want to share with others the true cost of food.
Your health is your real wealth and so you want to make sure that from ground to plate, every single link in the chain is doing your body and our world as much good as possible.
Everything at Sadhana Kitchen is hand made in house with love by our staff who are all paid a living wage. We don't skimp on anything from the quality of our ingredients, to our toilet paper that literally gives a crap, to paying our amazing staff every cent they deserve. We try to do our bit in operating a mindful business and we love serving our mindful customers erryday.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, please visit http://www.sadhanakitchen.com/wholesale for more information.



About our cafe:

Do you offer anything that is nut free?

We try to have a couple of menu items that are nut free or can be modified, however we cannot guarantee any dishes will be totally free of trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, or soy as we use all of these in our kitchen. Please let us know BEFORE you order if you have allergies. We strongly advise you not to consume food here if you have a severe nut allergy.

Do you offer BYO?

Yes, we do!

What time does your kitchen close?

Our kitchen closes at 3.30pm & we shut shop at 4pm daily.

Can we bring outside food into the cafe?

Because we've created a safe environment free from dairy, gluten, meat, and use only cruelty free products, we ask that no outside food is consumed on the premises.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Entry to the cafe & our front-of-house seating is wheelchair accessible, but (with our apologies) our bathroom is not currently accessible.

Is anything dairy free?

Yes, everything!

Is anything gluten free?

Yes, everything!

Is anything meat free?

Yes, everything!

Is anything vegan?

Yes, everything!

Is anything refined sugar free?

Yes, everything!



About ordering online:

Why is my item not showing up in my cart?

Try using a different web browser, our website doesn't respond kindly to Internet Explorer, or VPN networks that are connected to some workplaces. Please try to checkout on your personal phone or computer using Chrome or Safari. If it still doesn't work, please give us a call and we will gladly process the order for you.

Our Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer refunds. Payment in full confirms your place on a workshop, event, class or course and is therefore binding. In special circumstances if you are unable to attend the course for which you have booked we may offer a transfer or a credit note, at our discretion. Credit notes will not be offered after the date of the workshop, event, class or course that has lapsed.

If we have to cancel or postpone an event, a full refund or voucher will be issued.