We believe the best place to start improving your health is by improving what you eat, which is why we insist on using pure, organic seasonal produce that is free from harmful toxins to create *your* delicious dishes.

The current food system familiar to most consumers relies on produce grown using chemi- cals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in order to yield greater, more consistent volumes at cheaper prices. This of course, isn’t without a trade-off. The reality is that most people are not paying fair or real prices for their fruit, veggies and grains and in the end, the consumers pay with their health and wellbeing.

Commercial farming practices such as chemical pest control and chemical fertilising has resulted in produce that contains much lower nutritional content than nature intended. Fur- thermore, these practices also contribute to the degradation of soil conditions, meaning sub- sequent crops need to be further chemically treated to be able to yield any produce.

As the old adage goes, we are what we eat. Literally. When we pay cheaper prices to consume GMO produce that has been chemically treated, we ingest traces of those chemicals and end up paying for it down the track. Exposure to pesticides can contribute to various health problems by increasing the amount of toxins in our body. Pesticides have also been linked to serious health concerns such as cancer and birth defects.

The most simple and effective way to address these issues is to eat as naturally as you can by choosing organic produce from a grower you trust wherever possible. For a lot of us, this means standing up for our right to make informed choices about what we eat and knowing where your food comes from.