• Chocolate Sesame Mylk Recipe Video


    Did you know that 28 grams of sesame seeds (approx. 2 tbs) provides 28% of your RDA of calcium, 23% of your RDA of iron & 35% of your RDA of copper? Copper is essential for iron absorption. This amount of sesame seeds It also contains 4.7 grams of protein. There’s loads of goodness is […]

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  • Raw Vegan Chilli Orange Dark Chocolate

    It’s so simple and fun making your own chocolate. This recipe uses the flavours of chili and orange because they go so well with dark chocolate. This decadent treat will make a quick and easy gift for someone special, or a gift to yourself Give it a go, I promise it’s super easy and yummy too. This […]

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  • Buddha Blends: Strawberry & Chocolate Chia Smoothie

    The combination of chocolate and strawberry is classic and proven to be delicious. This smoothie can be enjoyed as a super quick breakfast or snack. The chia seeds make it a tasty pre or post work-out drink, full of calcium, iron and protein. Delicious and nutritious!  This recipe serves 1. Appliances you will need: Blender (I […]

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  • Raw Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

    This recipe is a raw vegan version of chocolate hazelnut spread. Enjoy it on sweet breads, cookies, cakes, in smoothies… whatever you feel like really. Because it contains cacao, I treat it as exactly that, a treat. Bearing this is mind, it’s great to have once in a while, in between all of the amazing […]

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  • Buddha Blends: Raw Vegan Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk

    I loved nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread), I used to keep a massive jar of it on my bedside table and eat it by the spoonful. I also loved ferrero rochers (chocolate) and a huge gift pack wouldn’t last me longer than a day. Even though those days long gone (there’s way too much refined sugar […]

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