The 6 Best Ingredients To Warm Your Winter Smoothie

If you love your green smoothies, superfood smoothie and vegetable juices then you’ve got to watch this video where Mason explains how to warm up the constitution of your healthy drinks this winter.



mason_2Mason is the brainchild of SuperFeast. He is a specialist in the field of raw food philosophy, superfood nutrition and tonic herbalism, he is increasingly becoming one of the driving forces of the raw food movement occurring within Australia.

Mason teaches that we all have a personal culture, and empowers people to shift into the space of creating their own culture of health by adding in the most exciting practices and skills in the world to transform health at its core. This is what The Culture of Health is all about. 

Mason has become an expert in raw food philosophy and comes from the refreshing angle that there are no rules in this game of healthy living. He believes the process of discovering your own longevity lifestyle is one that should emerge from instinct, passion, fun, education and observation. This is in contrast to the generic method used in the raw food world of telling people what they can and can’t do.

At no point has this cultural shift been a fad or a phase for Mason and the team at The Culture of Health, it is a life long commitment. Through following his driving passions, having an amazing amount of fun along the way and living this life to the fullest, Mason has seen that his personal culture can inspire others to do the same (just as many have done for him). 
He has now declared the goal of transforming the entire culture of Australia from one that breeds disease and detriments, to one that organically and powerfully creates abundant health.