by Maz Valcorza


Naked Vegan CVR

There once was a nurse-turned-pharmaceutical sales manager …

…who had always eaten whatever she wanted, partied hard, chain-smoked, exercised just enough to ‘stay fit’ and didn’t think very much about the repercussions of her actions. One day, she decided to take up yoga, because it seemed like a great way to get more coordination and a toned butt. Little did she know that this snap decision, made out of curiosity and vanity, would change her life forever…

Maz’s second book, The Naked Vegan, is a simple and badass tool to help you cultivate health and vitality whilst having a whole lot of fun one delicious bite at a time. Reading The Naked Vegan is like having Maz in your kitchen, sharing practical and accessible ways to connect with your inherent wisdom and create your own culture of health. Enjoy preparing and feasting on 140+ delicious plant-based recipes for health and wellness, including some of your favourite dishes from Sadhana Kitchen.



Maz’s passion for food has always been apparent to her friends and family. It was only natural then, that she would trade in her corporate career for a chance to open Sydney’s first organic, raw, plant-based living foods and wholefoods café – Sadhana Kitchen.

From a very young age, Maz was often in the kitchen experimenting with making up recipes from whatever was on hand. She has a unique ability to visualize a dish in her head and make it a reality, capturing the imagined flavours, aromas and textures. This is something she often refers to as her super power. When she came across the vibrant variety of organic plant-based wholefoods, she felt her creative potential expand beyond what had previously seemed possible and from that, Sadhana Kitchen was born.

Maz describes herself as an avid yoga, raw food, motorbike, tattoo and star wars enthusiast. As a yoga teacher and wholefoods jedi, Maz strives to encourage students to work towards a deeper connection with their mind, body and spirit. She believes that what we put into our bodies everyday is part of our Sadhana (conscious spiritual practice) and hopes to share how through our Sadhana, everyone can discover their own personal wisdom, self healing abilities and infinite potential.

Maz is currently the director of Sadhana Kitchen and The I Give A Shit Project. She spends the rest of her time whipping up deliciously healthy, sustainable and ethical food, running workshops around the country, patting dogs she wishes she could keep and finding new ways to help others transform themselves and their world through their plates.